Consultant CTO

A lot of startups die in the germination stage because they can’t find a technology founder. I can work with you, accomplishing the tasks of a startup Chief Technology Officer (CTO), like designing a top-level tech strategy, managing a growth roadmap while working towards the launch of your MVP. Alternatively, I can come in and help you scale your MVP up to the next level. I will not be with you forever. My last job for you will be to hire a CTO who will be with you for the longer term. But I will be with you in the beginning, when you don’t need a CTO 24/7 but need technical guidance to make sure your idea does die before it has a chance to flourish!

Thought leadership Consulting

You may think you know your stuff, but are you getting it across correctly? Do people understand the technology value in what you are doing? “Thought leadership consulting” is my terms for myself acting as a refinery for your ideas. I will work with you to get to the core of the problem you are trying to solve. Helping you create a better product description that will make for an on-point MVP or X iteration of your product or service. Finally, I can help you get your ideas across by producing content that explains why you are doing what you are doing, and why people should get on board!

mvp Development

I am a programmer, and I can design and build your minimum viable product for you. For bigger jobs, I can organise and recruit a team of developers with the correct skill set and mindset to work in the high uncertainty of the entrepreneurial ventures. One of the pitfalls of early-stage development is not a skill set gap but a mindset gap. Skills can be acquired, but the right mindset can be hard to find. Too many developers and designers do not have the flexibility needed in the startup environment. I can be the conduit between you and the technical team, acting as a translator of your vision into a deliverable product or service.