At Abide, we are building a platform for co-living. Abide connects students in need of low-cost housing with seniors who have a spare room, and who could benefit from a bit of extra support. My role within Abide as their CTO is to get the Abide platform and associated tech infrastructure built. Abide has partnered with the QUT Capstone program and through the program were provided with a team of student interns. So, I am supervising the students to help us build the MVP of the Abide platform. Abide is currently going through the Impact Boom Elevate+ social accelerator.


Air Property

Air Property is a developing startup that is looking to empower everyday Australians into taking control of the real estate sales process. Watch this space for more on Air Property!

Birnam Wood Group


Birnam Wood wants to help you get more out of your data, especially when it comes to regulatory compliance and auditing. I have come on board to build a road map for all their services and help them create the next iteration of their product.

Comprara Group of Companies


I provide content generation services to the Comprara group of companies. My chief duty is to write articles about the role of technology in procurement. I am especially in demand for articles that provide thought leadership on the future of procurement. My articles are usually ghostwritten for their websites and related social media accounts. I am also featured as an author on Academy of Procurement.



JOSARI is a platform for video-based micro-consultation with experts from a wide range of fields. I have joined JOSARI to help launch their iOS app, help them collect some AARRR Metrics for their platform, eventually paving the way to launch on Android, and build a sustainable business as a micro-consulting platform.



Kyco is an extremely early stage startup that is aiming to change the way Australian live! I have joined Kyco to guide them through the entire startup life cycle from helping them develop the wire-frame to building and launching the Kyco platform. So watch this space for updates on the Kyco revolution!


I have a few other clients who are very early in their entrepreneurial journey. As a result, I have to be a bit light on detail for the time being. But watch this space as I hope to share details soon!