Our data-driven, technology-enabled world can be tough to navigate for small businesses and startups. Especially with startups, there might be a technological component that the founders are not equipped to handle. I am here to help both established businesses and startups navigate the technological landscape of today.
— Tinni Choudhury

About Me!

My last “proper” job was as a post-doc with Middlesex University on a project jointly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Ministry of Defence UK. However, I am not just about research. My background is a mix of computer science research, software development, as well as project development and management.

After I returned to Australia, I slowly transitioned into the exciting but terrifying world of entrepreneurship and startups. I launched a boutique mobile app development company, operating under the business name Virgo 19. During my time in the ecosystem, I quickly discovered that my skill sets were in high demand within the startup and small business ecosystem, supporting others.

I was in a position to help other founders realise their vision. Take their business to the next level or simply, help them evolve so that they are not left behind. So, with the support of the Australian Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, on the 1st of November, I launched Start with Tinni.

Will you start with me?